OKR template to successfully migrate to GitLab

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The OKR titled "Successfully migrate to GitLab" outlines four main objectives to ensure a seamless transition. The first objective is to accomplish a comprehensive migration plan and timeline. This includes constructing an easy-to-follow guide for all teams and identifying potential hurdles that may arise during the migration.

The second objective involves relocating 100% of the code repositories and branches from the current system to GitLab. This suggests that every piece of code previously employed, regardless of its size or complexity, will have to be transferred securely to the new system.

Thirdly, all team members should be proficient in using GitLab, emphasizing the need for comprehensive training. This will entail regular assessments of team members' proficiency in GitLab usage, conducting extensive GitLab training for all members, and supplying ongoing support and resources.

Lastly, the intent is to maintain a 100% uptime and stability throughout the migration process. This involves meticulous system testing, regular backups, and the implementation of redundant systems to ensure continuous availability.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully migrate to GitLab
  • Key ResultComplete migration plan and timeline, including a step-by-step guide for all teams
  • TaskDevelop a detailed timeline with specific milestones and accountable team members
  • TaskCreate a comprehensive step-by-step guide outlining the migration process for all involved teams
  • TaskConduct a thorough analysis and assessment of all existing systems and data
  • TaskCollaborate with relevant teams to identify potential roadblocks and ensure seamless transition
  • Key ResultMigrate 100% of the code repositories and branches from the current system to GitLab
  • Key ResultEnsure all team members are trained and proficient in using GitLab for version control
  • TaskAssign mentors to assist team members in mastering GitLab version control
  • TaskRegularly assess and evaluate team members' proficiency in GitLab usage
  • TaskConduct comprehensive GitLab training for all team members
  • TaskProvide ongoing support and resources to enhance proficiency in GitLab
  • Key ResultAchieve 100% uptime and stability on GitLab platform throughout the migration process
  • TaskCollaborate with the migration team to establish effective communication channels and address concerns promptly
  • TaskConduct thorough testing of the GitLab platform for any potential issues or vulnerabilities
  • TaskPerform regular backups and monitor system logs to proactively identify and address any disruptions
  • TaskImplement redundant systems and failover mechanisms to ensure continuous availability
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