OKR template to successfully patent a new medical device

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The OKR titled "Successfully patent a new medical device" outlines the process and steps needed to obtain a patent for a new medical device. This process involves creating a thorough patent application, with claims and drawings, and submitting it to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The objectives of this OKR include drafting, finalizing, and submitting the patent application within an 8-week timeline. Achieving these objectives involves careful planning, drafting of claims, creating drawings for the application, and finally, submitting the application to USPTO.

This OKR stresses the importance of ensuring that the submitted patent application is acknowledged as received by the USPTO, to be done within 12 weeks of the process. This can be confirmed by securing a confirmation of receipt from the USPTO, ensuring that the task is fulfilled.

The OKR also highlights the need to finalize the design of the device and conduct proof-of-concept tests. An initiative for these tests includes setting up a comprehensive schedule, executing the tests, compiling the results, and making any necessary final adjustments to the device design.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully patent a new medical device
  • Key ResultComplete comprehensive patent application, including claims and drawings, by Week 8
  • TaskDraft claims and outline for patent application by Week 3
  • TaskFinalise and submit patent application by Week 8
  • TaskCreate required drawings for application by Week 5
  • Key ResultSubmit patent application to USPTO and receive confirmation of receipt by Week 12
  • TaskPrepare and finalize patent application details
  • TaskSubmit final application to USPTO
  • TaskSecure confirmation of receipt from USPTO
  • Key ResultFinalize device design and conduct proof-of-concept tests by Week 4
  • TaskExecute concept tests and compile results
  • TaskComplete the final adjustments to device design
  • TaskSet up a comprehensive schedule for concept tests
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