OKR template to successfully complete one level of the game

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

The OKR titled "Successfully complete one level of the game" involves three core outcomes. The first outcome involves completing half of a game level with a perfect score within a month. To attain this goal, the player may seek tutorials or guidance, maintain a regular practice schedule, and strategically handle identified challenges.

The second outcome revolves around acquiring an in-depth comprehension of game mechanics by the end of the first week from the start. To accomplish this, the player can analyze successful games to understand their mechanics, practice game design using the noticed mechanics, and research game mechanics every day.

The third outcome is dedicated to enhancing player skills through consistent daily practice for a minimum of three hours. This can be achieved by setting up a daily alarm as a reminder to start practicing, keeping a log for tracking daily practice hours, and creating a consistent routine for training.

Overall, this OKR aims to enhance game-level completion abilities through optimization of practice schedules, deep understanding of game mechanics, and dedicated time investment. It requires well-planned strategies, dedication, and a research-based approach.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully complete one level of the game
  • Key ResultReach halfway through the level with perfect score in 1 month
  • TaskSeek guidance or tutorials for help, if needed
  • TaskDevelop a consistent daily practice schedule
  • TaskIdentify challenges and strategize their solutions
  • Key ResultAcquire in-depth understanding of game mechanics by end of week 1
  • TaskAnalyze successful games for mechanics understanding
  • TaskPractise game design with observed mechanics
  • TaskResearch and study game mechanics fundamentals daily
  • Key ResultConsistently practice for a minimum of 3 hours daily to hone skills
  • TaskSet a daily alarm to remind yourself to start practicing
  • TaskKeep a log for tracking daily practice hours
  • TaskEstablish a set routine for practicing
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