OKR template to successfully implement the new bank branch opening infrastructure

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The OKR focuses on the successful implementation of the new bank branch opening infrastructure. The first objective involves recruiting and training a team of 10 infrastructure specialists within the quarter. This is to be achieved via initiatives such as developing a comprehensive training program, advertising job openings and drafting specific job descriptions for the needed roles.

The second objective involves the completion of infrastructure design and securing necessary permits within a period of six weeks. It includes finalizing the design, identifying necessary permits and acquiring them all within the aforementioned period. This objective sets a clear timeline to ensure the project keeps progressing.

The third objective aims at initiating and finishing the construction of the new bank branch infrastructure. The initiatives here involve overseeing the construction process, organizing a construction team and finalizing the design plans. This is the final stage in the OKR, where the actual construction work occurs.

The objective key results are set as percentages, intending to attain a 100% execution for each one. Overall, this involves several tasks including recruitment, permit acquisition and construction work. The score is based on individual objectives rather than the overall OKR, to ensure that each aspect is seen as equally important.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully implement the new bank branch opening infrastructure
  • Key ResultRecruit and train a skilled team of 10 infrastructure specialists by the end of quarter
  • TaskDesign and implement a comprehensive training program
  • TaskAdvertise job openings on relevant platforms
  • TaskDevelop specific job descriptions for infrastructure specialists
  • Key ResultComplete infrastructure design and secure necessary permits within 6 weeks
  • TaskFinalize infrastructure design within 3 weeks
  • TaskIdentify necessary permits for the project
  • TaskSecure permits within next 3 weeks
  • Key ResultInitiate and finish construction of the new bank branch infrastructure
  • TaskOversee construction process until completion
  • TaskOrganize a construction team and secure necessary permits
  • TaskFinalize design plans for the new bank branch infrastructure
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