OKR template to streamline BIM resolves for on-site construction issues

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The main goal of this OKR is to improve and streamline Building Information Modelling (BIM) to resolve on-site construction issues. The first objective seeks to decrease issues identified by BIM by 25% through the regular updating of BIM models, enhancing BIM software, and training staff on BIM analysis.

The second objective aims at implementing two new processes or tools to promptly identify and resolve construction issues. To achieve this, there will be training sessions for staff, research on potential methods, and integration of two optimal processes into the existing operations.

The third objective targets to achieve 90% positive feedback on the performance of BIM in solving on-site construction problems. This is aimed to be attained through a quick response system for BIM-related issues, regular training sessions, and improving BIM model quality.

Overall, the OKR emphasizes enhancing BIM, training staff, integrating new processes, and improving feedback systems to streamline construction processes and reduce on-site issues.
  • ObjectiveStreamline BIM resolves for on-site construction issues
  • Key ResultReduce on-site issues identified by BIM by 25%
  • TaskRegularly update BIM models to ensure accuracy
  • TaskEnhance BIM software for improved issue identification
  • TaskTrain staff on thorough BIM utilization and analysis
  • Key ResultImplement 2 new processes/tools for prompt issue identification and resolution
  • TaskConduct training sessions for staff on newly implemented processes/tools
  • TaskResearch potential processes/tools for quick issue identification
  • TaskSelect and integrate two optimal methods into existing operations
  • Key ResultAchieve 90% positive feedback on BIM's performance in solving on-site construction problems
  • TaskImplement a quick response system to BIM-related issues
  • TaskIncorporate regular BIM training and troubleshooting sessions for staff
  • TaskImprove BIM model quality through consistent feedback
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