OKR template to increase wealth by improving income and managing spending

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This OKR focuses on the objective of "Increasing wealth by improving income and managing spending". The first outcome takes a savings approach, allocating 10% of each paycheck to investments, promising additional income generation. The steps involved include determining monthly income and transferring a fraction to selected investments.

The second outcome is about raising the primary income by 15%, which can be achieved through performance enhancements at work or business growth. This includes seeking a pay hike or promotion and implementing strategies for boosting business sales. There's also a focus on improving job performance through continuous learning.

The third outcome entails reducing unnecessary expenses by identifying and eliminating 20% of non-essential costs. This involves careful review and categorisation of all expenses to identify those that are non-essential, devising a strategy to eliminate these costs, and monitoring the progress of cost-reduction.

Overall, this OKR addresses both sides of the wealth increase argument: increasing income and controlling spending. It demands detailed financial tracking, strategic investment, skills enhancement, and cost management.
  • ObjectiveIncrease wealth by improving income and managing spending
  • Key ResultDedicate 10% of each paycheck to investments to generate additional income
  • TaskDetermine monthly income
  • TaskTransfer this amount to chosen investments
  • TaskCalculate 10% of the monthly income
  • Key ResultRaise primary income by 15% through performance at work or business growth
  • TaskSeek promotion or salary increase at the current job
  • TaskDevelop and implement strategies for business sales growth
  • TaskImprove job performance through continuing education or training
  • Key ResultReduce unnecessary expenses by identifying and eliminating 20% of non-essential costs
  • TaskCreate a strategy to eliminate identified non-essential costs
  • TaskReview and categorize all expenses to identify non-essential costs
  • TaskImplement the cost-reduction strategy and track progress
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