OKR template to get better at public speaking

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Here's a simple personal OKRs to improve public speaking. Through consistent practice and feedback, this should lead to significant improvements in public speaking abilities and confidence.

  • ObjectiveBecome a confident public speaker
  • Key ResultIncrease ability to think on the spot and respond to questions.
  • TaskPractice responding to common questions.
  • TaskRead articles and books on public speaking.
  • TaskTake part in mock interviews and assessments.
  • TaskMake a list of potential questions and answers.
  • Key ResultIncrease ability to effectively engage audiences.
  • TaskResearch effective methods of engaging audiences.
  • TaskTest strategies and refine as needed.
  • TaskPrepare engaging content for audiences.
  • TaskDevelop strategies to appeal to the target audience.
  • Key ResultIncrease comfort level in public speaking environments
  • TaskAttend public speaking events as a spectator
  • TaskSeek feedback from trusted sources after each practice session
  • TaskPractice public speaking in front of a mirror
  • TaskJoin a public speaking group or class
  • Key ResultDeliver public presentations with poise and clarity
  • TaskMake eye contact with the audience
  • TaskPractice delivering the presentation
  • TaskSpeak slowly and clearly
  • TaskPrepare talking points in advance
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