OKR template to enhance personal growth and wellbeing

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The OKR titled "Enhance personal growth and wellbeing" focuses on three major objectives. One of which includes attending at least one personal development seminar or workshop every quarter. Activities supporting this objective include researching and registering for events, as well as attendance.

The second objective under this OKR involves reading and summarizing two self-improvement books per month. Selection of books, setting aside time to read them, and then writing concise summaries upon their completion are the initiatives planned to achieve this objective.

The third and final objective is to execute a daily morning mindfulness routine with 90% consistency. The daily routine includes practicing a specific mindfulness exercise, tracking consistency using a journal, and setting a regular morning alarm as a reminder.

All these objectives aim to serve the larger goal of enhancing personal growth and wellbeing, via continuing education, regular reading, and consistent mindfulness practices.
  • ObjectiveEnhance personal growth and wellbeing
  • Key ResultAttend at least 1 personal development seminar or workshop every quarter
  • TaskResearch upcoming personal development seminars or workshops
  • TaskAttend the chosen personal development seminar or workshop
  • TaskRegister for a chosen event
  • Key ResultRead and summarize 2 self-improvement books per month
  • TaskSelect two self-improvement books to read
  • TaskWrite concise summaries of each book upon completion
  • TaskDevote time daily to read these books
  • Key ResultExecute a daily morning mindfulness routine with 90% consistency
  • TaskPractice a specified mindfulness exercise
  • TaskTrack daily consistency in a journal
  • TaskSet a daily morning alarm for the routine
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