OKR template to improve knowledge of ozonation process

public-lib · Published 25 days ago

The OKR aims to enhance understanding of the ozonation process. This will be achieved through a thorough review of five new ozonation research articles each week, providing a steady stream of updated information and potentially novel insights to investigate.

In addition, comprehension will be cemented through the conduct of two small-scale ozonation experiments. These will involve the careful planning and preparation of experimental procedures, gathering of necessary equipment and materials, and execution of the experiments themselves.

There is also an objective to expand learning through discussion with industry experts. Four seminars or meetings will be arranged to facilitate this open dialogue. Planning logistics, inviting experts and promoting events are undertaken to achieve this.

Ultimately, this OKR aims to expand understanding and promote better practices surrounding the ozonation process. By staying updated with recent research, conducting practical experiments and engaging with experts, knowledge and comprehension of ozonation should improve significantly.
  • ObjectiveImprove knowledge of ozonation process
  • Key ResultReview and understand five new research articles on ozonation every week
  • Key ResultConduct two small-scale ozonation experiments for better comprehension
  • TaskPlan and prepare the experimental procedures
  • TaskGather necessary equipment and materials for ozonation experiments
  • TaskExecute the two small-scale ozonation experiments
  • Key ResultIncrease discussion and learning opportunities with experts by arranging four seminars/meetings
  • TaskPlan the logistics for the four seminars/meetings
  • TaskInvite the experts and promote the events
  • TaskIdentify potential experts in the desired field
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