OKR template to enhance partnership with business for valuable audit plan fruition

public-lib · Published 8 months ago

This OKR seeks to improve collaboration with the business department for effective execution of the audit plan. The objective is to start three key discussions with business stakeholders to identify potential areas for audit. The necessary initiatives include planning for discussions, pinpointing the stakeholders, and having arranged discussions.

The second outcome focuses on creating more than five tangible value strategies from insights gathered during the audit. The initiatives for this involve brainstorming and shaping potential strategies, selecting five top strategies, and identifying key insights from former audit findings.

In addition, this OKR aspires to accomplish a 100% progression on the annual audit plan as laid out. Priorities, resources, and timelines need to be set towards the audit. Regular reviews of progress will be conducted to address any issues promptly. Formal communication with all relevant personnel throughout the audit process is also essential.

In summary, achieving this OKR would mean a more effective partnership with the business department. It requires strategic discussions, idea development, and strict adherence to an audit plan. Successful tracking would result in a beneficial and foolproof audit plan for both departments.
  • ObjectiveEnhance partnership with business for valuable audit plan fruition
  • Key ResultInitiate 3 strategic discussions with business stakeholders to identify potential audit areas
  • TaskPrep for discussions by assessing potential audit zones
  • TaskIdentify key business stakeholders for strategic discussions
  • TaskSchedule meetings with stakeholders to discuss audit areas
  • Key ResultGenerate 5+ tangible value creation strategies born from audit insights
  • TaskBrainstorm and develop potential value creation strategies
  • TaskEvaluate and finalize top five strategies for implementation
  • TaskIdentify key insights from previous audit reports
  • Key ResultAchieve 100% progression on the determined annual audit plan
  • TaskDetermine key priorities, resources and timeframe for the annual audit
  • TaskRegularly review the audit's progress and address any issues promptly
  • TaskEnsure thorough communication with relevant personnel throughout the audit process
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