OKR template to optimize the Performance of BBPS v2 flows

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR aims to enhance the performance of BBPS v2 workflows. The main objective is to cut down transaction processing time by 15%. To attain this, there are plans to invest in efficient processing technology and to train employees to better handle transactions. The process also includes identifying transaction steps that cause delays.

The second part of this objective focuses on detecting and resolving 90% of system bottlenecks that hamper performance. Strategic planning, system performance surveillance, and comprehensive auditing are some of the steps towards achieving this goal. Implementing the strategy to address identified bottlenecks completes the task here.

Improving the system's throughput is another aspect of this OKR. The goal here is to process a minimum of 10% more transactions per hour. This will be achieved by optimizing transaction processing algorithms, upgrading server hardware, and increasing the system’s bandwidth capacity.

Overall, the entire OKR is about optimizing workflows in BBPS v2, with a special focus on reducing processing time, identifying and resolving system bottlenecks, and increasing the system’s throughput for executing transactions more efficiently.
  • ObjectiveOptimize the Performance of BBPS v2 flows
  • Key ResultDecrease average transaction processing time by 15%
  • TaskInvest in faster, more efficient processing technology
  • TaskTrain employees to streamline transaction handling
  • TaskIdentify slow steps in the current transaction process
  • Key ResultIdentify and resolve at least 90% of system bottlenecks impacting performance
  • TaskDevelop a strategy to address identified bottlenecks
  • TaskImplement the strategy and monitor system performance
  • TaskConduct an extensive audit to identify system bottlenecks
  • Key ResultImprove system's throughput to process minimum 10% more transactions per hour
  • TaskOptimize transaction processing algorithms
  • TaskUpgrade server hardware to handle more transactions
  • TaskIncrease system's bandwidth capacity
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