OKRs to achieve product consistency with our design system

Tability Templates · Published 3 months ago

This template will help guide your team in setting and working towards clear, measurable objectives and key results tailored to improve product consistency through the use of a design system.

By establishing these OKRs and tracking progress towards their achievement, we can make progress towards our goal of having a cohesive and consistent product experience for our users.

  • ObjectiveEnsure product consistency with our design system.
  • Key ResultClose 50% of all design inconsistency tickets
  • Key Result90% of our products are following the design system guidelines
  • TaskEstablish a process for quickly and accurately identifying violations of design system guidelines
  • TaskDevelop a system of rewards and recognition for those who adhere to design system guidelines
  • TaskCreate an audit process to track adherence to design system guidelines
  • Key ResultEstablish a comprehensive style guide that covers 100% of common components used by products
  • TaskCreate a comprehensive list of all common components used by products
  • TaskTest the style guide against each component
  • TaskDevelop a unified style guide for each component
  • TaskImplement the style guide into all products

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