OKR template to enhance knowledge and understanding through qualitative research

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The overarching goal of this OKR is to enhance knowledge and understanding through intensive qualitative research. The first objective encompasses reviewing and analyzing 10 scholarly articles per week related to the research topic. This task requires systematic reading, note-making, and analysis of each article's content, context, and conclusions.

The second objective includes conducting three interviews with industry experts. It involves identifying relevant experts, preparing comprehensive interview questions, and successfully arranging and executing the interviews. Direct interaction with industry professionals is aimed at gaining in-depth insights into the research topic.

The third and final objective seeks the submission of a comprehensive research report for peer review. This requires conduction of thorough research, writing an all-encompassing report that incorporates all findings, and then submitting this report for scrutiny and feedback by peers.

The cumulative result of this OKR is an augmentation of both depth and breadth of understanding and knowledge through the practice of rigorous qualitative research and getting feedback from industry experts and peers.
  • ObjectiveEnhance knowledge and understanding through qualitative research
  • Key ResultReview and analyze 10 relevant scholarly articles per week
  • TaskSystematically read and make notes on each article
  • TaskAnalyze each article's content, context, and conclusions
  • TaskSelect 10 scholarly articles related to the research topic
  • Key ResultConduct 3 interviews with industry experts
  • TaskIdentify and reach out to three industry experts for interviews
  • TaskPrepare comprehensive interview questions relevant to their expertise
  • TaskSchedule and conduct the three interviews
  • Key ResultSubmit one comprehensive research report for peer review
  • TaskConduct thorough research on chosen topic
  • TaskWrite comprehensive report incorporating research
  • TaskSubmit report for peer review
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