OKR template to double weekly leads through SEO

Tability Templates · Published about 1 year ago

  • ObjectiveIncrease weekly leads growth by double through SEO efforts
  • Key ResultImprove organic click-through rate by 10%
  • TaskOptimize page titles and meta descriptions for target keywords
  • TaskMonitor competitor activities and adjust accordingly
  • TaskIncrease the visibility of organic content through social media
  • TaskIdentify top-performing organic keywords
  • Key ResultIncrease organic leads by 40%
  • Key ResultIncrease organic search traffic by 20%
  • TaskOptimize website content for SEO
  • TaskImplement a social media strategy
  • TaskCreate backlinks to the website
  • TaskSubmit website to search engines
  • Key ResultIncrease organic keyword coverage by 50%
  • TaskMonitor website performance metrics to measure keyword success
  • TaskResearch high-value keyword opportunities in the industry
  • TaskUpdate website content to include newly identified keywords
  • TaskAdjust keyword strategy based on performance metrics
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