OKR template to substantially reduce technical debt across all projects

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The main aim as stated in the OKR is to greatly minimize technical debt across all projects. The first objective is to attain 95% test code coverage, this will aid in identifying and rectifying hidden bugs. The initiatives include utilizing a code coverage tool to determine efficiency, refactoring sections of the code that are poorly covered, and writing detailed unit tests for every function or component.

The second part of the plan focuses on simplifying the codebase complexity by 25% through the use of effective refactoring techniques. Tasks include performing a thorough review of the code on a regular basis to maintain simplicity, and taking steps to identify and remove redundant and inefficient code pieces.

The final objective is to perform bi-weekly code reviews. The aim is to find and solve 30% of debt issues. To achieve this, code review sessions will be scheduled every two weeks, during which time problems contributing to code debt will be identified, and solutions for 30% of these identified issues will be implemented.

These objectives all come together to create a strategy aimed at significantly reducing the overall technical debt across all projects. The approach is comprehensive, tackling multiple fronts by increasing test coverage, simplifying the codebase, and incorporating regular review sessions for constant monitoring and control of the quality of the codebase.
  • ObjectiveSubstantially reduce technical debt across all projects
  • Key ResultAchieve 95% test code coverage to identify and correct hidden bugs
  • TaskUse a code coverage tool to measure efficiency
  • TaskRefactor poorly covered code sections
  • TaskWrite comprehensive unit tests for each function or component
  • Key ResultDecrease codebase complexity by 25% using refactoring techniques
  • TaskImplement effective refactoring techniques to simplify code
  • TaskRegularly review and optimize code to maintain simplicity
  • TaskIdentify redundant and inefficient code for elimination
  • Key ResultConduct bi-weekly code reviews to identify and solve 30% of debt issues
  • TaskSchedule bi-weekly code review sessions
  • TaskIdentify issues contributing to code debt
  • TaskImplement solutions for 30% of identified issues
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