OKR template to strengthen decoding skills for VC and CVC words

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This OKR aims to reinforce decoding skills with vowel-consonant (VC) and consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words. The focus is on improving pronunciation of CVC words until an 80% successful decode and correct pronunciation rate is being achieved. Daily practice and weekly exercises are designated to train and rectify any pronunciation errors.

Another objective is to develop the ability to read sentences primarily composed of VC and CVC words with a target accuracy of 90%. Regular accuracy assessments, daily practice, review of incorrect responses and comprehension of those sentences will assist in meeting this objective.

Accurate decoding of a minimum of 50 new VC words weekly is the final target set in this OKR. Utilizing methods such as flashcards for daily review, dedicating 1 hour daily to learning and understanding, and practicing these new words in casual conversations and daily notes will aid in this objective.

Ultimately, this OKR is designed to strengthen overall word decoding skills. Through consistent practice, review, understanding, and application of these skills developed, mastering VC and CVC word pronunciations should become achievable.
  • ObjectiveStrengthen decoding skills for VC and CVC words
  • Key ResultSuccessfully decode and correctly pronounce 80% of presented CVC words
  • TaskPractice CVC word pronunciation daily
  • TaskParticipate in weekly CVC decoding exercises
  • TaskReview and rectify errors in pronunciation regularly
  • Key ResultDemonstrate ability to read sentences containing primarily VC and CVC words with 90% accuracy
  • TaskContinue consistent accuracy assessments weekly
  • TaskPractice reading VC and CVC sentences daily
  • TaskReview any incorrect responses for understanding
  • Key ResultAccurately decode a minimum of 50 new VC words each week
  • TaskUse flashcards to review and memorize 10 words daily
  • TaskDedicate 1 hour daily for learning and understanding new VC words
  • TaskPractice these new words in conversations and notes daily
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