OKR template to implement robust HIT training program for tutors

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The task at hand aims to implement a robust High Intensity Training (HIT) program for tutors. The main objectives of this endeavor are primarily two-fold: Firstly, achieve a whopping 90% satisfaction score from tutors regarding the effectiveness of this novel training tool. To aid this, initiatives such as providing extra support for underperforming tutors, continually refreshing the training content based on received feedback, and developing comprehensive, matter-specific tutor training aids will be pursued.

The second objective is to design and finalize a complete HIT curriculum for the tutors. The expertise of relevant domain experts will be sought to set up this curriculum. In this journey, the curriculum content must be finalized, scrutinized, and approved for implementation. Furthermore, consultation with HIT experts shall be undertaken to enhance the curriculum's design.

Thirdly, the aim is to train 80% of the tutors via the HIT curriculum. This will ultimately lead to the improvement of their capacities as educators. In order to achieve this aim, the 80% of tutors to be trained will first be identified, followed by scheduling and organizing of the tutor-training sessions. Performance post-training is also to be gauged to measure the improvements.

Overall, the KR identifies the need to structure a strong HIT program that not only aids in developing a strong teaching methodology but also ensures that the tutors are satisfied with the effectiveness of the training. In addition, the curriculum's framing occupies a key position, all while underlining its impact on broadening tutors' abilities.
  • ObjectiveImplement robust HIT training program for tutors
  • Key ResultAchieve a 90% positive feedback rate from tutors on the effectiveness of the training
  • TaskProvide additional support for underperforming tutors
  • TaskRegularly update training content based on feedback
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive, relevant tutor training modules
  • Key ResultDesign and finalize comprehensive HIT curriculum for tutors by engaging expertise
  • TaskFinalize, review and approve curriculum content for implementation
  • TaskConsult with HIT experts to contribute to curriculum design
  • TaskIdentify key areas of knowledge for a comprehensive HIT curriculum
  • Key ResultTrain 80% of tutors using the HIT curriculum to improve their capacity
  • TaskImplement performance evaluations post-training to measure improvements
  • TaskSchedule and organize training sessions for the selected tutors
  • TaskIdentify the 80% of tutors for HIT curriculum training
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