OKR template to successfully organize 75 engaging tour groups

public-lib · Published 8 days ago

The OKR focuses on effectively organizing 75 engaging tours. The first objective strives to establish partnerships with 80 local businesses, thereby offering diverse food, transportation, and attraction packages. This objective includes formalizing agreements, identifying potential partners, and pitching proposals for partnerships.

The second part of the OKR emphasizes the onboarding and training of at least 10 dedicated tour guides to improve the quality of the tours. This involves conducting in-depth training for selected candidates, conducting interviews for tour guide positions, and assigning each guide to specific tour routes.

The last portion of the OKR aims at finalizing 78 attractive itineraries catering to a wide audience base. Key tasks include confirming all itinerary dates and destinations, reviewing and updating the activities within each itinerary, and finalizing the descriptions of all itineraries.

Taken together, these objectives aim to enhance the overall quality of the tour groups, attract a wider audience, and establish lasting partnerships that ensure the tours' sustainability and growth while maintaining an engaging experience for the tourists.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully organize 75 engaging tour groups
  • Key ResultPartner with 80 local businesses for food, transportation, and attraction packages
  • TaskFormalize agreements and prepare package details
  • TaskIdentify and list potential local businesses for partnership
  • TaskDevelop and pitch partnership proposals to each business
  • Key ResultOnboard and train at least 10 dedicated tour guides for improved tour quality
  • TaskCarry out in-depth training for selected individuals
  • TaskInterview possible candidates for tour guide positions
  • TaskAssign each guide to specific tour routes
  • Key ResultFinalize 78 diverse and engaging itineraries to attract a broad audience
  • TaskConfirm all itinerary dates and destinations
  • TaskReview and update activities within each itinerary
  • TaskFinalize and approve all itinerary descriptions
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