OKR template to collaboratively enhance the robustness of ILT with M&E manager

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR focuses on partnering with the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) manager to enhance the robustness of Instructor Led Training (ILT). The key approach involves organizing focused brainstorming sessions every two weeks to address ILT-related issues, backed by detailed preparation, scheduling, and post-session follow-up.

The second part of this OKR seeks to increase ILT effectiveness by 25% through specific KPIs. The outlined initiatives include instructor development in advanced teaching methodologies, identification, and implementation of the best practices to improve ILT, along with the continuous review and update of ILT content.

The third outcome targets the implementation of strategically developed improvements in three key areas of ILT by quarter's end. There is an emphasis on developing effective strategies for improving identified areas and implementing those strategic improvements throughout the quarter.

Overall, this OKR underpinning ILT enhancement, that encompasses periodic brainstorming sessions, targeted increase in training effectiveness, and strategic improvement of three key training aspects. Furthermore, precise initiatives and scheduled meetings the M&E manager have been outlined for each of the objective's outcomes.
  • ObjectiveCollaboratively enhance the robustness of ILT with M&E manager
  • Key ResultOrganize bi-weekly, focused brainstorming sessions with M&E manager to address ILT issues
  • TaskSchedule recurring bi-weekly meetings with the M&E manager
  • TaskPrepare detailed agenda focused on ILT issues for each session
  • TaskFollow up while documenting and implementing proposed solutions after sessions
  • Key ResultAchieve a 25% increase in ILT effectiveness, measured through specific KPIs
  • TaskTrain and develop instructors in advanced teaching methodologies
  • TaskIdentify and implement best practices to enhance ILT approaches
  • TaskRegularly review and update ILT content for improved relevance
  • Key ResultImplement strategically developed improvements in 3 key areas of ILT by quarter's end
  • TaskDevelop effective strategies for improving identified ILT areas
  • TaskImplement the planned strategic improvements in the identified ILT areas
  • TaskIdentify 3 key areas in ILT requiring strategic improvements
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