OKR template to streamline hardware inventory and implement asset tagging system

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The OKR primarily focuses on the efficient management of hardware inventory and the introduction of an effective asset tagging system. It emphasizes categorizing, listing, and systematizing all existing hardware assets using a robust inventory management system. The immediate goal is to catalog and organize 100% of the existing hardware inventory.

Simultaneously, there are designated key initiatives directed towards the development of a functional asset tagging system. This involves creating a unique identification system. Each owned device will be identified, catalogued, and tracked efficiently. The essence of this objective is to facilitate swift asset management.

The objectives include a comprehensive application of asset tags to all owned devices. This makes way for easy identification and tracking of devices. The application process is to be overseen by a designated individual or team that ensures each device gets a durable, high-quality asset tag.

A systematic audit to confirm that each device is tagged constitutes an important aspect. This is crucial in ensuring successful implementation of the asset tagging initiative. The end goal of all these efforts is to boost hardware management efficiency and create a comprehensive and easy-to-use asset tracking system.
  • ObjectiveStreamline hardware inventory and implement asset tagging system
  • Key ResultCatalogue and organize 100% of the current hardware inventory
  • TaskSystematize hardware details using an inventory management system
  • TaskList all existing hardware assets in inventory
  • TaskCategorize hardware based on type or function
  • Key ResultDevelop a functional asset tagging system for owned devices
  • TaskImplement asset tags on each owned device
  • TaskIdentify all owned devices for cataloguing and tracking
  • TaskCreate a unique identification system for asset tags
  • Key ResultApply asset tags to 100% of owned devices successfully
  • TaskDesignate an individual to oversee the tagging process
  • TaskPurchase durable, high-quality asset tags for all owned devices
  • TaskConduct an audit to ensure that all devices are tagged
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