OKR template to establish a well-structured advisory board

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The goal of this OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is to establish a well-structured advisory board. The first objective involves conducting the board's first meeting and maintaining monthly meetings thereafter, with initiatives outlining setting recurring dates, crafting an impactful first agenda, and scheduling the initial meeting before Week 12.

The second objective zeroes in on developing a cyclical agenda covering key focus areas within the fifth week. The detailed strategies include identifying the focus areas needed for the cyclical agenda, finalizing and implementing this agenda by Week 5, and designing an initial structure for the cyclical agenda.

The third objective focuses on identifying and recruiting five industry experts for board positions by the eighth week. To accomplish this, the initiatives suggest initiating contact with potential candidates, researching industry experts that could serve these positions optimally, and conducting interviews to finalize board member selection.

Overall, each of these objectives followed a clear timeframe and a measure of success in percentage terms. This OKR underscores the importance of thoughtful planning and proactive action in developing a powerful advisory board.
  • ObjectiveEstablish a well-structured advisory board
  • Key ResultConduct inaugural board meeting and establish monthly cadence by week 12
  • TaskEstablish recurring monthly board meeting dates
  • TaskDevelop agenda for the first board meeting
  • TaskSchedule inaugural board meeting before week 12
  • Key ResultDevelop a cyclical agenda covering key focus areas by week 5
  • TaskIdentify key focus areas for the cyclical agenda
  • TaskFinalize and implement the agenda by week 5
  • TaskDraft initial layout of the cyclical agenda
  • Key ResultIdentify and recruit 5 industry experts for board positions by week 8
  • TaskInitiate contact with identified potential candidates
  • TaskResearch potential industry experts for board positions
  • TaskConduct interviews and finalize board member selection
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