OKR template to achieve fluency in English language

public-lib · Published 28 days ago

The OKR is about becoming fluent in the English language. To achieve this, three main outcomes are planned. The first expects you to hold 30-minute English conversations three times a week. Initiatives include finding an English-speaking partner and scheduling specific slots for conversations.

The second outcome is about completing an intermediate level English course online. It requires dedication of daily time for studying, completing all assignments and exams. Registration for the intended course is included in the initiatives.

The third outcome emphasizes on reading and understanding, requiring you to read ten English books and summarize each. You are expected to choose books of your liking and write detailed summaries noting key points.

By doing these tasks regularly, your understanding and command over the English language is expected to improve, thereby achieving fluency.
  • ObjectiveAchieve fluency in English language
  • Key ResultHold 30-minute conversations in English thrice a week
  • TaskFind an English-speaking partner to converse with
  • TaskPrepare conversational topics for each session
  • TaskSchedule three specific time slots weekly for English conversations
  • Key ResultComplete intermediate level in an online English course
  • TaskComplete all assignments and exams on time
  • TaskDedicate daily time for coursework and studying
  • TaskRegister for an intermediate online English course
  • Key ResultRead 10 English books and summarize each
  • TaskRead one book thoroughly, noting key points
  • TaskSelect and purchase 10 English books of interest
  • TaskWrite a detailed summary of the book
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