OKR template to streamline the process of lab coat requests

public-lib · Published 25 days ago

The OKR pertains to streamlining the process of lab coat requests. The main objective is to enhance efficiency and satisfaction levels associated with requesting lab coats. This is broadly framed under three outcomes; reducing request fulfillment period, improving efficiency through digitalization, and increasing customer satisfaction levels.

The first part of the goal wants to expedite the processing time for lab coats requests from one week to three days. This can be achieved by enhancing the request processing system, training staff to ensure speedy order fulfillment, and implementing automated fulfillment systems where possible.

The second part centres on implementing a digital request platform thereby augmenting efficiency by 30%. This involves researching the best digital request platforms on the market, monitoring platform usage to ensure effectiveness, and training employees to utilize this platform competently.

Finally, the aim is to reach a 90% contentment rate on lab coat requests process survey, which can be achieved by regularly soliciting feedback, streamlining the requests process, and implementing frequent training sessions for staff handling requests.
  • ObjectiveStreamline the process of lab coat requests
  • Key ResultReduce time to fulfill requests from 1 week to 3 days
  • TaskStreamline the request processing system for efficiency
  • TaskTrain staff in swift order fulfillment procedures
  • TaskImplement automated fulfillment systems where possible
  • Key ResultImplement digital request platform improving efficiency by 30%
  • TaskResearch leading digital request platforms in the current market
  • TaskMonitor and adjust platform usage to ensure efficiency gains
  • TaskTrain staff on utilizing this new platform effectively
  • Key ResultAchieve a 90% satisfaction rate on the lab coats requests process survey
  • TaskRequest regular feedback to improve services
  • TaskImplement a streamlined process for lab coat requests
  • TaskConduct regular training for staff handling requests
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