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A fantastic thing about Notion is that you can find a template for pretty much anything. What started as a document management system has now become a flexible toolkit with different building blocks that you can use to build your documents. It can be product specifications, design assets, post-mortems... And also OKRs.

But, the flexibility of Notion is a double-edged sword. It's great if you have time to customise the platform and figure out how to arrange items in a way that works for you. However, it can also backfire when you try to scale your processes.

It's a bit like the saying "jack of all trades, master of none". The generic aspect of Notion means you can get decent views for anything, but it'll be hard to get great dashboards for frameworks like OKRs.

But don't panic. There's a simple way to solve this issue.

Combining specialised OKR software and Notion Embeds

Tability is a specialised goal-tracking platform that can help you answer many critical questions in seconds. For instance, the Strategy Map will display the current state of your org's OKRs and help you ensure that your teams are aligned.

Another view is the Cascading Map, which will help you trace dependencies between KRs, and quickly identify risks in execution.

The check-in experience will also save hours every week by automating most of the reporting and calculation required to score the OKRs.

In total, there are 10+ types of specialised OKR dashboards available that should help you cover all your use cases.

But where's Notion in this?

You can use Tability as your primary goal-tracking tool and embed live dashboards for your plans, Objectives, and Key Results inside of your Notion pages.

This gets you the best of both worlds:

  • Your OKRs owners will have a system optimised for goal-tracking, giving them everything they need to leverage OKRs effectively during the quarter.
  • Your team will be able to read digests and updates in Notion, and keep goal updates close to their team pages, specs and strategy docs.

The OKR dashboards for Notion

Plan digest: a complete summary of your team progress

Tability's OKR dashboard in Notion

You can embed the plan dashboard to have a complete summary of progress for the company, a department, or a team. The plan dashboard includes:

  • General insights on progress and confidence
  • The latest update for every OKR, including the current progress and confidence level.

Objective dashboard: to focus on a specific Objective

Tability objective dashboard for Notion

You can zoom in on a specific Objective to display its corresponding insights and the latest updates for its underlying Key Results.

Key Result dashboard: to see detailed trends for a given KR

Tability KR progress chart for Notion

Finally, you can also embed specific KRs in Notion. This view will display a progress chart, allowing you to see trends and detect issues early.

How to embed the OKR dashboards

Embedding Tability dashboards in Notion is simple. You'll find instructions in the sharing modal for your plans and OKRs.

  1. Click on the share button
  2. Enable public access and copy the embed URL
  3. Paste the Embed URL in the "Embed" block in Notion


Try these OKR dashboards for free

With increased transparency and team buy-in, teams are more productive and better understand their contributions. Try Tability for free to see what dedicated OKR dashboards can do for your organisation.

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Co-founder and CEO, Tability

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