A simple guide to make OKRs easier to adopt.
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Why this guide?

We get to speak with dozens of teams every month about Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). Some have everything under control, but many still have open questions about the framework:

  • How is that different from what we're doing today?
  • Where do we start?
  • Can I see an example?

This guide is here to answer these questions in a simple and practical manner. We're not claiming to be gurus, and some of the advice might not work for your team. But, we hope that it will give you some inspiration and provoke some interesting debates.

Who is this guide for?

We've tailored this guide for teams that are new to OKRs. It also assumes that you're more like a startup than a company with thousands of employees (most tips would still be applicable).

If you just want some examples 👇

Great news! If you're just looking for some inspiration for your OKRs, you can check the following resources:

Where should you start?

We divided this guide into 3 main sections, with more to come later.

OKRs principles

What you need to know before adopting OKRs:

Setting OKRs

Some articles and tips to help you get started with OKRs:

Tracking OKRs

Helpful tips to make sure you have a process established to keep track of progress on your Key Results:

Resources & tutorials

Practical keynotes and tutorials to help you adopt OKRs:

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