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Compare OKRs and visualize dependencies across the entire org.

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Why teams align their goals in Tability

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Works out of the box

Simplicity is our bread and butter. Write down your plans and we'll take care of the rest.

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Easy to compare teams

See all your different team's OKRs from one place–making it easy to identify misalignment.

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Dive-in without losing context

Zoom in on a specific outcome to get more details, without switching context.


Strategy map

Alignment is not just about looking up. You also need to make sure that the different teams have a consistent approach to your org's goals.

Our Strategy Map offers a simple way to see what every team in the company is focused on, with zero setup required.

Screenshot of Tability Strategy Map

Keep track of progress

What's getting off-track? Is there a team in trouble? Any objective that requires your attention?

Answer these questions within seconds by looking at the objectives' progress and using the red/yellow/green statuses of the outcomes.

Tability Strategy Map Screenshot Zoomed

Outcome panel

You can dive in on any Key Result or outcome by clicking through to open up its detailed view. You'll be able to see the progress chart and related tasks without having to switch content.

Tability Check-ins Screenshot
Sean Osawa

“Tability has been useful for planning goals, tracking them every week and leading our team in the right direction.”

Sean Osawa

Don’t cascade your goals, align them
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