Cascading OKRs is bad for startups

Startups need to be focused and flexible. OKRs can help a lot with the former, but they'll quickly stiffen your team if you start cascading your goals.

The Mindset of Outcome-Driven Teams

You can't just throw OKRs in a spreadsheet and expect your team to be outcome-driven. You need first to get the right culture to create an environment where teams can iterate to reach their goals.

What if we treated our OKRs like code?

There's a lot that we can learn from software teams to improve the OKRs process.

Why "Now, Next, Later" roadmaps are better for OKRs

You need to focus on value rather than deadlines for OKRs to be successful. Adopting a Now, Next, Later format for your roadmaps is a simple way to achieve that.

5 tips to make your OKRs team-centric

OKRs can easily be seen as another cumbersome process taking people away from their job. Avoid that by getting your team involved right from the start.

Please stop wasting your OKRs

OKRs are supposed to help improve focus, clarify priorities, and build alignment,right? I have seen them do just that. However, misuse them and they will not in fact, they could do the exact opposite.