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Simple OKRs for the modern team

A smarter, simpler way to align your team around objectives and outcomes -- without it feeling like a chore.

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So easy to get started on your OKRs

Set your goals

Create a plan to track your OKRs and team goals.

Get reminders

Your team gets automated reminders when updates are due.

Update progress

Write a progress report that get shared with the rest of the team.

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Key Features

Keep Goals on Track

Send your team automated reminders so your goals are always up-to-date and on track. Quickly see what things are in the green and what needs attention.

Goal-tracking features → 

Set Better Goals

Draft, discuss and review your plans before you publish. Loop in key stakeholders & avoid   the email threads and extra meetings.

Goal-setting features → 

See the Full Picture

Use the Strategy Map to align all your teams across the org, and see how everything connects at a glance.

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Jumpstart with templates

Drag, drop, edit and combine goals and OKRs from our top experts and make them your own.

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Easy Reporting and Insights

Big meeting tomorrow? No dramas. Quickly export your Tability plans to PDF or send stakeholders a public link.

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Connect Tasks to Goals

Create, prioritize and track your initiatives right in the context of the outcome you’re trying to achieve.

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Reminders + Check-ins


Connect to Slack and get check-in reminders and progress reports automatically sent to your Slack channel.

Tasks + Projects


Connect your tasks and issues to related Tability goals. Automatically see updates to Jira issues in Tability.



Automate check-ins by connecting with 4,000+ apps including Google Sheets, Trello, Hubspot, Salesforce and more!

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