Free eBook: The art of measuring intangibles - capturing ROI beyond the bottom line

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Stop flying blind - learn how to finally measure ROI beyond your bottom line

You invest heavily in building better products, nurturing your talent, and delivering premium experiences. But how do you quantify returns on those crucial intangibles? How do you know that time and money spent on R&D, culture, or brand awareness actually paid off? 

Most companies still struggle to connect the dots between long-term qualitative goals and quantitative business impact. Which means you likely lack the comprehensive insights needed to make strategic decisions.

This guide solves that problem. You'll learn a proven methodology using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to capture elusive ROI metrics tied to innovation, operations, customer loyalty, talent growth, and more.

Discover how leading organisations measure the tangible and intangible drivers of success with just one framework. Align your teams, incentivise the right behaviours, and evaluate returns across all growth levers.

ebook: The art of measuring intangibles

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Jeremy Yancey

Head of Content, Tability

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