Empower people to do more meaningful work

We live in a world of constant distractions, especially at work. We are pulled in a million different directions all the time, and it makes it hard to stay focused on the initiatives we most care about. When we can’t stay focused on those things, they aren’t accomplished, and worst of all, your work is not celebrated. Our goal is to bring clarity to people’s contributions to a bigger goal, help you stay focused, and ultimately show the good work everyone has done.

Company values

When we come to work, we bring our best selves. If we aren’t a good company to work for, there’s no way we can empower your company to be good too. These are the values that help us keep our mindset and mission on track.


It’s easy to fall for the urge to copy, follow and prescribe to a standard in order to reach a larger audience or fit a certain mold. We celebrate our differences, to show that there are other ways to do things.


Strive to be approachable, concise, and purposeful. Simplicity takes patience and understanding, but it's worthwhile to create better experiences at work and in product.


It’s easy in business to focus on numbers and dollar signs. Always remember that there are people at the other end of everything we do. Make business decisions for the good of people, not just to benefit our bottom line… and have fun.


We thrive on feedback. We build everything knowing it’s not perfect or done, so we seek feedback with open arms. We learn from our failures, and we teach each other how to be better

Our team

A fun-sized, fully remote team. We write things over on our blog →

Sten Pittet

CEO / Product


Sydney, Australia

Passionate about teamwork and software. He lives in Sydney, Australia and was previously leading product teams at Atlassian.

Bryan Schuldt



Portland, Oregon

Brand designer and illustrator curating visual stories and drawing pretty pictures. Previously with Atlassian and Trello.

Maisy Bennett

Head of Community


Eyre Peninsula, Australia

Thrives on building community and helping startups succeed.
Previously with Techstars SportsTech Melbourne Accelerator.


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