NFTabby (Non-Fungible Tabby) is a collection of 10,000 NFTs built by the team at Tability. Each one features an image of our beloved mascot, Tabby.

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About Tability

We’re a Aussie based startup building a goal tracking platform for modern teams. Our goal is to make OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) and goal-tracking easy and fun 😎

If you’re not familiar with OKRs, check this site ↗

Why are we making NFTabbys?

We’re a web2 company, but we love to explore. Our goal is not to raise money from it, but rather to have some fun. We’re working on the future-of-work, so why not also look at the future-of-ownership.

At Tability, we are embracing the future-of-work – distributed teams, async work, everything digital. You could look at NFTabby as a form of modern company swag. Shipping a t-shirt from Australia to Europe can be fairly difficult, so why not create digital swag with NFTs?

How do you get one?

We’re giving them away! 🎉

If you're a Tability user: you can earn NFTabby based on a reward system in our app and will be giving some away to our customers as swag.

If you're not a Tability user: don't worry – follow us on Twitter or Linkedin and share a piece of content from us!

Step 1

Follow @tabilityio on Twitter or Linkedin

Step 2

Share a post from us on Twitter or Linkedin. Here are a few options:
- A link to our OKRs templates.
- One of our OKRs examples.
- A post from our OKRs guide for startups.
- A post from our Outcome Driven Teams publication.

Stay tuned to all our socials as we will be announcing more ways to earn NFTabby.

What does my NFTabby gets me?

We haven’t thought too much about that, but it’s not unlikely that we’ll do something special for NFTabby owners... but at this stage, just consider it as a fun collectible!

Can I sell my NFTabby?

Of course! Once you have it, it’s yours.

One thing though: we've set a 1% royalty for every sale, which will be pledging to charity.


Contact us with any questions, concerns or collaboration ideas. We’re here to help: [email protected] 💌