Daily Standups

Replace your daily standup meeting

No more daily meetings. Keep everyone in the loop with a quick update, and get back to work.

Why teams do their standups in Tability

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Async updates

Different office, different city, different country. You can see everyone's updates in one place without having a meeting every day.

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See what's new and see what's not

You're always updated with the latest updates, with historical data to go back and compare to.

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One place for all your updates

Like your goals and OKRs, having daily standups keeps your team accountable, iterating and communicating on a high level.

Asynchronous updates to stay in sync with your remote teams

Keep your team informed and focused

A virtual bulletin board that shows what everyone is up to. Make your standups asynchronous, so people can make their update from anywhere, on their timezone, and skip that daily standup meeting.

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Fast standups so you can get back to work

Standups in Tability only take a few seconds out of your day, so you're not wasting time on updates and you can get back to the real work.

Tability Standups Updates

See relevant updates only

You can follow teams and teammates you care about so that your dashboard isn't busied with things that don't relate to you.

Tability Standups Followers

Add Standups to your plan for a low price



per user per month

Stay connected with daily stand-ups

Subscribed to teammates' updates

Build your own standup dashboard

Slack integration (coming soon)

Subscribe to team updates (coming soon)

Ilter Dumduz of Blys

“By Monday everyone is aligned, we don’t need to have meetings after meetings. ”

Ilter Dumuz


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