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Goal tracking

Track goals and stay on track

Your OKRs should be the first thing you think of at the start of every week - don't let them collect dust in a spreadsheet. Check-in weekly and stay on top of your goals.

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Goal Setting

Goal setting processes simplified

Knowing what goals to track is half the challenge. Tability works just like your docs, but powered with the ability to help you structure and write better goals.

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Align, not cascade!

Compare OKRs and visualize dependencies across the org, without complex connections that are hard to re-organanize.

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Instant reporting

Rushing to your next meeting? Get a quick view of your team's progress in a matter of seconds.

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Focus on the tasks that matter

The missing letter in OKRs is 'T' for Tasks. Plan out key milestones and projects that will help you reach your Objectives.

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Trusted by modern teams

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“The ease of use of the plans and their tracking is phenomenal.”

Dominik Kugelmann

There's even more to Tability

Templates to get you started

Our growing template library offers proven plans to success from OKRs experts, to get you off on the right step.

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Resources to guide you

Whether you're a beginner or expert in OKRs, we pride ourselves in being a teaching tool as much as a productivity tool.

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Priced just right

We know that the costs for tools adds up quick. Tability is cost efficient, and gets even cheaper as your team grows.

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Built for every role in the company

From leadership to your brightest interns, we build features with every role in mind.

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Connected to Slack

Get reminders, share goals, and bring your OKRs into Slack with our most popular integration.

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Work with an OKR expert

Need more guidance? Check our directory to find experts that can help you on your journey.

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