How it works

Built to empower teams as well as individuals. Simple, flexible, and outcome-centric.

5 minutes to set up

Tability is simple and easy to use for everyone in your organization. It'll only take a couple of minutes to get started.

Create new plans in 1-click, then use our templates or add your goals and OKRs inline.

Align your plans to your org structure

Map your plans to your business by organizing them by functions or teams.

You'll be able to navigate quickly from your company's North Star to the underlying team OKRs, and zoom out to see overall progress on the top iniatives.

Built for feedback

Get notified through Slack, email or push notification on what’s due. No more tapping your teammates on the shoulder to get the latest updates.

Tability automates feedback loops to help your organization stay focused and accountable.

Make progress easy to see

Stop relying on a unique datapoint. Tability keeps track of history to help you see if you're trending in the right direction.

Share a progress report with your team, or simply display your goals and OKRs on TVs in your office.

Subscribe to the things you care about

No more chasing reports. You can subscribe to the plans and goals you care about, and get reports delivered in your inbox every week.

Filter out the noise and only get notified for things that matter to you.

Free for the whole team

Yup, that's right. Unlimited users on every pricing tier.

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