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Got goals but not sure where to start? Tability can build you a detailed plan in minutes so you can get working toward your objective.

An AI for goal-setting and OKRs

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Get a detailed plan in minutes

With the use of AI, Tability can quickly suggest goals to track and tasks to complete, so you have a gameplan in no time.

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Standard structure for every plan

Tability provides the right formatting so you can focus on the goals—not so much on how to track them.

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Centralized strategy

Replace your scattered docs, spreadsheets, and email threads with one tool to collaborate, draft, and communicate about goals.

Create your first OKR plan in minutes, not days or weeks

Turn your vision into an actionable plan

Got an objective but not sure how to get there? Our Goal-Setting AI can take a phrase or an idea and turn it into a detailed plan, with measurable SMART goals and initiatives.

Turn your vision into an actionable plan

A simplified OKR and goal-setting editor—built just like a text editor, but powered by so much more. Create your plan in seconds and assign to your teammates to get collaborating!

Enhance your plan with proven templates

Browse our library of OKR templates and find goals that work for you. Drag, drop and modify in your plan using our easy-to-use Plan editor.

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Duplicate Plans

Like a plan? Borrow from another team or continue your plan from last quarter by duplicating the plan.

Inline comments

Have discussion about every line in your plan - objective, goal (KR) or tasks - all within context.

Plan reviewers

Add editors and stakeholders to your plan so that you can collaborate and get approval from your team all in one place.

Matthew Browne

“One of the most intuitive experiences for building out a plan that I have used.”

Matthew Browne


Goal-Setting Best Practices


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