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Helps you set good, smart, achievable goals so you’re set up for success from the start.

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Why teams build their plans in Tability

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Standard structure for every plan

No need to invent new processes from scratch

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Start fast with templates

Get started quick and easy with proven objectives and metrics used by real teams

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Centralized strategy

Replace your scattered docs, spreadsheets, and email threads with one tool

Key features

Screenshot: Plan Editor

Plan Editor

Like a word doc for goals, just start typing and Tability will take care of the structure of your goals.

SCreenshot: OKR Templates


Pick, choose, and build your plan from a library of goals and objectives used by real teams.

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Matthew Browne

“One of the most intuitive experiences for building out a plan that I have used.”

Matthew Browne




Duplicate Plans

Like a plan? Borrow from another team or continue your plan from last quarter by duplicating the plan.

Plan reviewers

Add editors and stakeholders to your plan so that you can collaborate and get approval from your team all in one place.

Inline comments

Have discussion about every line in your plan - objective, goal (KR) or tasks - all within context.

Set yourself up for success with better goals

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