Tasks & initiatives

Connect your outcomes to outputs

Prioritize and plan your tasks and activities; all in the context of your biggest goals and objectives.

Why teams manage their tasks in Tability

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Clear link between output and outcomes

Track your high level initiatives in context to the objectives at a glance.

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Prioritize around your OKRs and goals

Plan and collaborate on your day-to-day tasks with the objectives in mind.

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Reduce context switching

Bring progress and tasks from other tools into Tability and update it in one place.

How Tability brings context to task management

Plan your tasks by priority

Kanban view for tasks allows your to plan your weeks by priority. Do it now, next, or later?

Tability Tasks board

Timeline view to plan your entire quarter

Get a daily to-do list in your inbox to help you stay focused through all the daily distractions.

Tability Task Timline View

Generate tasks with our Goal Setting AI

Your tasks should lead to achieving your objectives. Our goal-setting AI will create a list of tasks that will get you there. ✅

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Daily task reminders in your dashboard

Start your day with a to-do list of your most important tasks. Jump into your dashboard to see how they relate to your goals.

Tability dashboard

Due Dates on Tasks

Add due dates to your tasks to show you at a glance what tasks should be prioritized.

Auto Task Transitions

Put tasks in the "next" queue and automatically have it move to now next week.

Discussions on Tasks

Have conversations and collaborate in the context of tasks and goals.

Goals and tasks: best practices

OKR Guide

OKRs vs. Projects: What's the difference?

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Why "Now, Next, Later" roadmaps are better for OKRs

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OKR Guide

What are OKRs? The complete guide to OKRs

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Christopher Wong of Escrow

“Tability gives us the ability to make wiser decisions on our priorities.”

Christopher Wong


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