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Instantly share your OKRs and progress reports with stakeholders and team members.

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Why teams build their plans in Tability

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Put out fires before they start

Insights into your team’s progress so you’re always in the know.

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Always up-to-date reporting

Quickly pull up a report or a presentation during or right before your big meeting.

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Customized views

Filter and search for just the goals you want to see.

Key features

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Outcomes View

See outcomes from across every plan – filter and sort to see a customized view relevant to you.

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Weekly Progress Digest

All of the latest updates sent directly to your email every week – for all contributors of the plan and watchers.

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Plan Insights

Get visualized stats and smart data about your plan to see what’s going well and what needs your attention.

Kristian Sisayan

“We've been able to create better reports due to the progress visualization that Tability offers.”

Kristian Sisayan

Product Associate



Public Share Link

Share your plan via public link to investors or relevant stakeholders, without requiring an account or sign-in.

Easy Export

Filter just the goals you want to see and easily export them to CSV or export your Plans as a readable PDF to share.

Display View

Want your goals to be displayed on a TV in the office? Display them in a large display friendly mode.

The smart way to track and share your progress

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