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OKR Asia

To focus and create results for your company, OKR Asia offers to:
- Set-up OKRs to focus on top priorities and define clear result measurement
- Manage & track OKRs & actions to achieve your results and adapt to new situations & challenges
- Align, inspire & empower your teams on OKRs with the right communication and OKR tools​

We can support you to get the 3 months OKR goal-setting cycle up and running with the right trainings & workshop preparation, communication and IT tracking tool.

​As part of Asia PMO we offer a full range of business transformation services in Project / Agile / Change Management and Customer / Employee Experience and Digital Transformation to support OKRs.

We have start-up as well as production, distribution and industry clients which would like to implement OKRs for the whole organisation or blend existing KPIs with OKRs or adapt OKRs for more agile and project centered teams.

We believe that a focus on actions can fulfill the OKRs, which need to be rightly set-up and measurable.

Align your work around outcomes

The simplest way to align on outcomes and OKRs.

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