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Set better goals with GoalsGPT

Not sure how to write good goals? Using OpenAI and GPT-3, our editor can suggest key metrics and tasks based on your objective instantly.

Automate your check-ins with custom integrations

Easily connect to all of your apps using Zapier, and create check-ins on your goals and OKRs automatically.

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AI-assisted goal-setting

Take any objective and turn it into a working strategy. OpenAI will suggest measurable goals based on your objective that you can track right away.

Vision to strategy in seconds

Your AI generated goals take seconds to make. Adjust metrics to your liking, assign to teammates, and that's it!

Quick start with relevant action items

Get started right away by having our OpenAI integration suggest action items to help you get closer to your goals.

Step 1

Connect to a data point in your app

Automate check-ins by connecting to data points. Every time an action is performed in one of your apps, Tability creates a check-in for you!

Step 2

Automatically updates progress when the data is updated

Where are we now, and how far do we have to go? Tability shows you the entire journey, compared to your progress in real time.

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Step 3

Add context to numbers, and start discussions around outcomes

Adding your analysis helps your team understand the numbers, and fosters conversations to start around what’s most important in your org.

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