Net Confidence Score (NCS)

A single metric to measure all of your OKR success.

Why track confidence?

A success metric for one key result isn't always going to count 1 for 1 with another. Numbers aren't always trustworthy, and confidence is also a way to analyze beyond what the stats read. When you create in Tability, you input not only the metric, but your confidence of achieving the outcome – On Track, At Risk, or Off Track. Confidence becomes a metric that every goal has in common.

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What is Net Confidence Score (NCS)? 

You’ve probably used Net Promoter Scores (NPS) as a way to track product fit. We created something similar for your OKRs. With Net Confidence Scores (NCS), we take the confidence levels of all your goals and calculate a singular metric that represents your overall team confidence.

How is it calculated?

Your Net Confidence Score is calculated by the % of On Track outcomes minus the % of Off track outcomes. Here's the formula:

NCS = (percentage of goals on-track) - (percentage of goals off-track)

Net Confidence Score formula

What makes a good score?

Essentially you want more green On track goals than red Off track goals. Using the formula above, if you have more green than red, you'll have an NPS above 0. If you have the same amount of both, it's a 0.

If you're hitting 100 percent confidence, it may mean your goals could be a bit more ambitious.

Here's a rough scale of how you should see your score:

Net Confidence Score score rating

A health monitor for your business

So why is this all useful? You always know what projects or teams are on track and what needs your attention. By being always informed, you can walk into any board meeting with an understanding of what's going on in the org.

Net confidence score charts
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