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Tutorial: managing OKRs with a goal-tracking platform

Tutorial: managing OKRs with a goal-tracking platform

Sten Pittet - CEO
STen Pittet
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Many teams begin their OKRs journey by using spreadsheets. It's a great way to get started, but the process can quickly become cumbersome as the team grows. Fortunately a goal-tracking platform like Tability can simplify things and make OKRs tracking a breeze.

In this tutorial I will show you how you can create your first OKRs plan within minutes and how you can easily keep track of progress during the quarter.




You'll find 5 videos for a total duration of 25 minutes.

  • What is Tability? (5 min)
  • Setting up your workspace (5 min)
  • Using the plan editor (6 min)
  • Organising your workspace with multiple teams (4 min)
  • How to track and review progress (5min)


1. What is Tability?

This introduction video will help you understand what Tability is about:

  • See how Tability compare to a spreadsheet for OKRs.
  • Take a look at the core features.

2. Setting up your workspace

Make sure that your workspace is properly configured before bringing your team on board.

  • How to configure the reminders workflows.
  • How to update the terms used on the platform to map your preferred framework.
  • Best practices for inviting your team.

3. Using the plan editor

Learn about our plan editor, and see how you can add your OKRs to Tability.

  • General structure of the plan editor.
  • How to set real targets.
  • How to add goals without targets.

4. Organising your workspace with multiple teams

See how you use sub-plans in Tability to organise OKRs for the different teams in your org.

  • How to use plans and sub-plans.
  • How the Strategy Map works with the plans hierarchy.
  • Recommendations for team vs. individual OKRs.

5. How to track and review progress with your team

A short video that looks at how progress check-ins work in Tability:

  • Learn about check-ins reminders
  • How to update progress on your KRs with the check-ins form
  • See progress trends and related discussions for a specific outcome.

What's next?

Want more tips on OKRs? We have a keynote for you.

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