OKRs for Startups


Keynote: a brief introduction to OKRs

Keynote: a brief introduction to OKRs

Sten Pittet - CEO
STen Pittet
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Here's a keynote divided into 5 sections to give you an introduction on OKRs

A. The OKRs mindset

A quick look at the cultural changes required to make OKRs work in your org.

B. OKRs vs. projects

Don't throw away your roadmaps! You need outcomes AND outputs to be outcome-driven.

C. Ritual for outcome-driven teams

Look at a simple process that you can put in place to keep track of progress on your OKRs every week (and why you must do that).

D. Leading vs. lagging metrics

Learn how to measure confidence  on long-running projects.

E. Focus on outcomes you can control

Don't put your future into someone else's hands.

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