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We work with founders in APAC to create and realise life-changing value. We provide a range of tools, products and services for founders to accelerate their success, create value for their community and help them become more financially secure.

We view the world from the perspective of equity growth. For most founders, the best way to become financially secure is to focus on equity growth over the long term. Some of the lessons we’ve learned on the journey are:

- Make your company work for you: increase your salary or dividends where possible

- Seek fair and transparent liquidity at the appropriate points in a company’s life

- Create value for those who help you on the journey.

Our team have spent the last two decades founding, investing-in and advising technology companies in APAC. We’ve helped founders with everything from equity and debt financings, venture capital and private equity investments, to acquisitions, trade-sales and IPOs.

From time to time we partner with founders of tech, tech-enabled or product focussed companies we believe can be leaders in their respective fields. We typically work with founders that have been on the journey for a while, want to work closely with an experienced team to level up and where we can see a clear path to help maximise the value of the founders' equity through growth.

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