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The True North
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The True North is a design firm. For the past 25 year it has specialized in organization design and leadership undevelopment.

The vast majority of senior managers and executives are not taught how to be designers. No matter how many MBA programs or degrees to their name, executive education rarely go beyond processes such as "Design Thinking". Very few leadership development programs step into the vulnerability of not knowing, sensing the environment and truly - listening.

Execs rise to the pinnacle of their career, they become the architects and chief designers of the organisation, only to relinquish this rare opportunity and honour to outsourcing their single most important task.

They are inundated with false promises and mind-tied to off the shelf, one size fits all designs.

Because of this, we have pioneered approaches such as The Nature of work (NoW), Professional Development Reviews (PDRs) and Requisite Agility.

These design practices challenge the pervasive assumptions such as hierarchy is the only answer and more lately there is an assumption that all an organization needs to do is scale lean-agile and Kaboom! All is magically resolved.

What if all these well intended pre-formatted designs do is help your organization to be faster and more efficient at getting to the wrong place?

The work of The True North involves a dress down of stratagem and technical assessments of structure, value streams, decision systems, technologies and most important or all the financials (the culture of money or "conscious capital").

The True North has certified coaches. They use Open Space Technology and a myriad of personal, team and institutional redesign interventions to teach leaders through Action Learning, how to be the architects and designers of the future, now.


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