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Moving the Needle

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Moving the Needle
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Many B2B Saas companies struggle to innovate, improve performance and have truly motivated teams.I work with ambitious CEOs and business leaders and help them implement solid systems so their companies can achieve their boldest goal.

What I do

  1. Identify -For leadership teams who want to agree on their most important goal. At the end of the day, your leadership team will be able to articulate the one bold goal, the true North, to the rest of the company.
  2. Align - For department leads who want to connect with their teams and plug in with the C-level suite. Through weekly check-ins, everyone will experience first-hand how their area contributes to the bigger picture. They will have a clear roll-out plan with which they can move forward on their own.
  3. Moving the needle - For organisations that are serious about making an impact. At the end of the quarter, all teams of leaders and team members themselves have learned and mastered what it takes to actually move the needle.

How I do it:

  • With the help of a unique set of tools involving Lean OKRs, lead and lag metrics, business coaching, Agile and Lean methodologies I help leadership teams and department leads to move the needle.
  • Since 2015, Moving the Needle has supported hundreds of leaders in startups and scaleups B2B SaaS software companies to identify their true North, set up processes and become autonomous, entrepreneurial and pragmatic in achieving their goal.Schedule a free 30-minute exploratory chat.

My two main core competencies which I can bridge pretty well

  • Business acumenI understand, articulate and challenge business value, business models, performance management, people management, hiring, goal-setting, strategy and execution, cash, customer success, lead and lag metrics, budgets, finances, and what makes a business grow.
  • Technological know-howI have a solid know-how, hands-on experience and can teach Lean OKRs, KPIs, Performance Managament, Business


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