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Modern-Monks is founded on the principles of self-awareness based leadership development and growth. We believe that everyone has tremendous untapped potential. We need to be aware of this and align our actions to the purpose that resides deep within. When we align our 'what' with 'why', we can see the magic that can not only make us happy individuals, successful professionals but also help create a beautiful and sustainable society.

Most of the time, we are searching for solutions to our problems in the external world, without realizing that everything we see in the outside world is the manifestation of who we are inside and what kind of actions we are taking that starts within us.

Our coaching methodology takes you deep within and helps you explore the solution that works the best for you and long-lasting in nature.

At Modern-Monks, we provide coaching and leadership development services across different stages of career. Right from OKR (Objectives and Key Results) coaching for business executives to Growth coaching for Middle Managers, Career Coaching for Students, and Life Coaching for any Individual who may have any difficult situations to deal with, in today’s fast-paced modern life.

Modern-Monks philosophy is to understand your Modern self and connect with your inner core ‘The Monk within you’ who is ready to set his own goals in the pursuit of happiness.


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