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Let’s be clear. There is no perfect planning method, but our framework is simple, organized and was developed using best practices. It has proven successful in accelerating and transforming organizations, helping them to mature, evolve and grow.

Some of today’s most successful companies employ this same system and have flourished using this method.

Here is an important fact: More and more of today’s high-performance organizations are employing a structured goal setting management system. This system includes objectives and key results (or OKR’s), which ultimately gives them a massive advantage in the marketplace.

We strongly suggest that as you approach any planning or goal setting processes that you read Measure What Matters by John Doerr and Radical Focus by Christina Wodtke. These books will provide great insight into OKR’s and the management 4-square system methodology we prescribe.

Also, visit, which is a specific site dedicated to helping those who want to learn more about Objectives and Key Results.
The method you will implement will focus, align, and motivate all within an organization and direct all towards the organization’s most important objectives.

A structured simple and repeatable process is critical to a successful goal setting management system.

When you combine this process with a visual online dashboard, you can transform your organization’s effectiveness and ability to execute its most important goals. This online dashboard provides everyone visibility to OKR’s, priorities and your organizations mission and long term directions.

Our 7-step program walks you through how to create and implement an executable goal setting system. Join the movement!


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