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AgileSparks is a boutique consulting firm with offices in the US (Boston), Europe, Israel and India.

We help product development and IT organizations improve their outcomes, productivity, predictability, quality, employee engagement through a variety of Agile/Lean solutions like Scrum, Scaled Agile Framework, Kanban, Lean Startup. We are a small team of experts in Agile/Lean, including internationally recognized thought leaders, book authors and accredited/certified trainers with leading bodies in the Lean/Agile world such as the Scrum Alliance and the Scaled Agile Academy.

Proven Enterprise-level ExperienceAgileSparks'​ experts have proven experience in Agile/Lean training, consulting and implementation in over 100 companies world-wide, ranging from startups all the way to Fortune50 companies in a variety of industry segments - ISVs (product development), enterprise IT and governmental organizations, TELCO, embedded SW and Web/SaaS products, Defense contractors and custom project development shops.

We helped companies such as Siemens, HP Software R&D, Intel, Cisco, EMC, Informatica, Amdocs, GE, CA, Philips, Retalix-NCR, Nice, Cisco, Motorola, CyberArk, eBay and others improve their agility.

Sparking REAL Agility, not Agile Theater

In these days, everybody's going agile or is already "agile"​. We are seeing a lot of "Agile Theater"​ out there - people implementing surface-level practices without deep changes/spirit. With extensive experience in different sizes and contexts, and a team of world-class experts that continues to challenge itself to develop and improve best practices and building blocks, AgileSparks is uniquely positioned to help you choose wisely the way to REALLY improve, as well as be your trusted partner along the way. We have the experience and the know-how and, not less important, the passion to help your organization improve.

AgileSparks - Challenging YOUR Comfort Zone


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