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Agile Strategies

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Agile Strategies
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Agile Strategies is one of the best-known boutique OKR consultancies in North America. Our approach goes further than just teaching you how to write OKRs. We support the processes and culture that propel and sustain impact. We help you to use OKRs as a means to activate and strengthen an agile mindset--the ability to respond to emerging conditions and disruption, continually generating new value for your stakeholders and ecosystem amidst an emerging world. There are three components:

Structure: learning to write OKRs that are strategically relevant and well-crafted, and learning to distinguish high-quality and low-quality OKRs

Process: growing competencies for managing OKRs, including cadence, performance management, and internal support that enable OKRs to thrive

Culture: building skill in surfacing relevant issues, stretching, fostering trust and social safety, and making and managing effective commitments
By growing competence in all arenas, we help you create conditions for thriving—enough structure for alignment, accountability and efficiency, along with enough flexibility for creative solutions and shifting conditions.

Our unique trainings and support help you extend the smarts and innovation within your organization, reaching greater impact and reward.


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